Hydro Floss on Craigslist…

By david / December 17, 2010

Today, I saw a hydro floss oral irrigator on craig’s list for $20.

It said it had only been used a dozen times.

But I could tell from the picture that it was an older unit.

I would not really want a dental hygiene device that was used – that doesn’t sound very hygienic.  I suppose if it was cleaned real well with bleach or something, but frankly, it is a lot like a toothbrush.  I do not want to use someone elses!

My suggestion is to pay the $98 for a new one at http://www.ToothyGrinsStore.com

That is probably the best way to go. Then you know exactly how many times it has actually been used.

Judging based on the results that I hear from customers, I wouldn’t want to sell my Hydro Floss at any price. Sounds like the person that owned this one didn’t really try to use it. If so, they may have been astounded by the results too!

Oh well. I just wouldn’t buy a used device from Craig’s List nor from Ebay.

These machines are worth way more than the $98 that a new one costs and you get an actual valid warranty too!

I have had one for several years now, I believe over 5 at the time of this writing.   I think I owe a lot to my hydrofloss, it appears to have saved me from a deep cleaning or Scaling and Root Planing treatment (SRP).

I think anyone with dental health issues should be under the care of a doctor or dentist.  What works for one person may not work for another.

However, my dentist really wanted me to get that SRP – deep cleaning treatment.  I really didn’t want it done.  After several months of utilizing the Hydro Floss, I was able to go back and have the same dentist tell me that I didn’t need that special treatment any longer.  She said that whatever I was doing, I should “keep it up”.

And I have ever since.  Except when traveling or out of town.  But once you start using one, and see the benefits for yourself, you will not want to be without yours for any length of time.

The clean feeling that you get is very nice.  As some customers have told me and as I have noticed myself, even when you do a thorough brushing and manual flossing job, once you turn on the Hydro Floss you still find food particles falling into the sink – even after all that previousl cleaning!  That should tell you something!

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