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Do I Really Need a Dental Crown?

By david / November 18, 2010

I want to share with you a personal experience in order to show you that it is often a good idea to get a second or third opinion when considering any dental work, including, but not limited to dental crowns.

I no longer have a ‘personal’ dentist, because I go to a periodontist. I get the best cleanings at this doctor’s office. Every hygienist there is highly skilled and knowledgeable.

However, this Periodontist does not do restorative work on teeth. His specialty is the health of your gum tissue and that is what he focuses on. He does not want to do restorative work on teeth.

He noticed that I had what is known as a ‘leaky’ filling. This just means that the filling was starting to break down and it was possible for food and debris to get underneath it and possibly start the decay process.

He referred me to a colleague of his. This dentist told me that it was possible that I would need a crown. I had taken a look at the tooth myself and decided with my layman’s common sense that a crown was probably NOT needed. I declined.

I went to another dentist who confirmed my suspicion. He said that he would be able to replace the filling and that he was certain no crown would be needed.

You may ask, “Why did the first doctor say that you needed one”? Well, I’ll say a couple of things here and let you draw your own conclusions.

1. The most obvious possible aspect is that crowns make money. Some dentists even have equipment that can make a custom crown right there in the office. This particular dentist had one of these in his office. Of course, I am not accusing this dentist of anything. I’m just mentioning some facts that go along with the situation described above.

2. Studies have been done that show that if you go to several different dentists that you will often get very different diagnoses. The differences in treatment can vary so much that it is almost comical.
One dentist might say that you have six cavities while another may say that you have none. A third may proclaim that you have two that need to be filled.

As I just mentioned this is documented and should not be a surprise to any dentist who reads this. I personally would always want to go with the most conservative dentist. I’ll explain why in a future article.

Sometimes you may truly need a crown. This is possible. The main point is that it can really pay to get a second and even third opinion. In this true life example, I did save money, recovery time and pain!

I am not knocking any dentists here. I want to be clear on this point. I am simply noting that several dentists may offer several different opinions. You should be under the care of a dentist and you should not be afraid to go to one. It is just that you may want to be careful and choose a dentist that you really feel comfortable with. Never be afraid to get a second or third opinion when faced with costly treatment options.
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