Hydro Floss Testimonial From Rebecca

By david / November 4, 2010

Hi David,

I am responding to you finally with a testimonial about how the Hydrofloss saved my gums (and sanity)!!!

Let me first ask if you are open to visiting my dentist to demo your product? My dentist has seen the results and I continue to encourage them to tell their patients about this.

Here’s my testimonial.

I have been fighting a long battle with gum disease and surgery was recommended to me (which I had) in late 2005. After one week, the nurse said, “well, that didn’t work”. You can imagine how upsetting this is having had my gum tissue cut away, never to grow back. I was following the advice of my dentist to have this done. A few months later I relocated to the DC area and found a new dentist who recommended deep cleaning – which I did have. I continued to follow their recommendations which meant losing gum tissue with no improvement. Believe me, I have excellent home care and do not neglect my teeth.

In January (2010), my DC dentist hired a new hygienist who recommended your product. My life has now changed and within 4 weeks, I had significant improvement after using the Hydro floss. I cannot be without this equipment as part of my daily routine (twice a day). I had pockets that were as high as a 10 – shrink to a 2. Now tell me what surgery or other option would do that.

Now I have a new dentist and am sharing this news – Hydro floss is preventative and is the only answer I know to manage gum disease. My current dentist admitted that having surgery does not work and my hygienist said they were informed in dental school that there is no cure for peridontal disease.

I wish I challenged my dentist years ago as I would have not had any of the procedures they recommended and would have purchased the Hydrofloss. I regret that I have to live with the lost gum tissue, however, the HydroFloss is the only answer. Your product would put every periodontist out of business and I hope this message continues to spread about the results. My new dentist said that there is nothing he knows of that would achieve these results (and he is not from the old school).

The key is to use the Hydrofloss as part of your daily routine and do not deviate to maintain the results. I plan on keeping my teeth and gums healthy for a long time and I had a cleaning yesterday with a comment from my hygientist – your gums are perfect!! After struggling for many years, I told her that I have never had that comment from my hygientist. You can imagine how happy I am to hear that.

Please feel free to share this and I apologize for the delay in providing my testimonial. The Hydrofloss is the answer and nothing else works!

Many thanks,

PS Please let me know if you do visit dental practices or what you can provide to them. I’ll send contact information if that works best.

You can read more about the Hydro Floss at http://www.ToothyGrinsStore.com/hydrofloss

Reply: Thank you Rebecca for sharing your personal story about the Hydro Floss and how it helped you.

I offer a free report entitled: How To Stop Gum Disease.


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