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Should I Be Concerned If My Gums Bleed When I Brush or Floss?

By david / November 3, 2010

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Yes! You should be concerned if you see even a small amount of bleeding when your brush or floss your teeth. Of course, you will want your dentist to verify that you have gum disease. However, that is the most likely cause of the problem. A professional diagnosis is crucial to be sure.

This is not at all an uncommon problem. Do not feel bad if your gums bleed upon brushing or flossing. They may also bleed during routine cleanings at the dentists office. However, this is also a sign that your gums are diseased.

This Is NOT Your Fault!

It is very important that you do not let yourself feel bad about this situation. Many people get down on themselves and blame themselves for their newly discovered dental health problems.  In fact, many people are surprised because they have really been working on their dental health vigorously.  In fact, such a person may be brushing and flossing on a very regular basis.

The reason why you should not feel like ‘it is your fault’ is precisely because many people who work very hard on their dental health, also end up with gum disease!  Dental professionals will likely tell you, when asked, that up to 70% of the population has some form of gum disease, RIGHT NOW.

Out of that huge percentage of people, let us assume that most of them brush and floss daily.  If that is true, why do so many people have bleeding gums and gum disease today!  The answer might be: Because brushing and flossing may not be enough to prevent dental disease!

What else might you do?  You might use a device like the perio-aid.  Ask your periodontist about this tool and how it can help you.  You may also rely on oral irrigation.  A device like the Hydro Floss oral irrigator could be something that you find helpful! [I certainly did!]

The most important aspect of your fight against bleeding gums may very well be the information that you have.   Now you can get the free report on How To Stop Gum Disease at :  http://www.HowToStopGumDisease.com

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– As always, check with your dentist for advice, diagnosis and treatment. This post is for information purposes only and cannot provide what your dentist can!

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