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What Kind of Razor is the Best

By Dave / May 25, 2007

Question: Dear Dave,we have had enough discussion regarding the effectiveness of olive oil for shaving. Still I am baffled with the question as what kind of razor is best for smooth and perfect shave?

Answer: I am just as baffled as you are. Only experimenting with different kinds of razors can tell us the correct answer. I am just using a disposable razor currently.

The Mach 3 gave me the best shave but I stopped using it due to the expense.

You have already said that the Mach 3 did not work very well for you.

Each person is a different, perhaps that is why each person must experiment for themselves to find out what works best?

Whatever you discover in your own investigation about what the best razor is, please share that information as it could be helpful to other people who are also interested in this topic.

– Dave

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