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Sinus Irrigation, Sinus Infections and Allergies…

By david / October 26, 2010

As I received several calls recently about sinus irrigation, I am reminded that many people are unaware of the Hydro Pulse:


This is amazing really. But then I remember that not everyone has seen what I have.

My ex-boss suffered terribly from a chronic sinus infection – for YEARS. She was constantly miserable, run down and she
had visible bags under her eyes.

Whenever she spoke she was obviously congested and ‘gravelvoiced’.

I mentioned the Hydro Pulse to her. She bought one.Within 5 days she was 100% better. I saw her a couple of years
later and she thanked me again.

Her energy came back, the bags disappeared and she LOOKED betterthan I had ever seen her look before. She was obviously happier

So, you see, there are still good things in the world.

I thought you should know this story!

Excerpts from Dr. Grossan’s book comes with the Hydro Pulse and fully explains all the benefits to using it.

Is it worth checking out? I think so.

Here is the link:


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