Why Is There Pink In My Sink?

By david / October 19, 2010

Why is there ‘pink in the sink’?  This is a description of seeing blood in the sink after brushing and flossing.  Perhaps you spit out some toothpaste and find that there is a little bit of a pink tinge to the paste. 

This probably means that your gums are bleeding a bit when you brush of floss.  In this case, many times it could mean that you have gum disease.  You can get a diagnosis from your doctor.  But most of the time, this will probably be what he tells you. 

Please do not make the mistake of taking this lightly.  What it really means is that whatever you are doing at home to take care of your teeth and gums is not working.

You may protest that you brush and floss religiously.  However, what you may not realize is that this might not be enough to stop or prevent the progression of gum disease.  In fact, many people do brush and floss on a daily basis, but they still have this problem.

What this means is that there may be additional steps you need to take in your daily routine to help to stop or prevent this problem.  You can get advice from your dental professionals. 

Some of the things they may suggest is switching to an electric toothbrush with a timer that will tell you when the right amount of time has elapsed.  Many people don’t brush long enough.

There are additional tools that may be useful   such as an oral irrigator or perhaps other tools designed to stimulate your gums. You may also want to utilize a device called the perio-aid – many periodontists give them away. 

Whatever you do, the key point is to complete the daily disruption of plaque.  When it comes to fighting gum disease, a little knowledge can go a long way. 

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