Green Tea For Weight Loss – Video Exploration

By david / October 12, 2010

Here is a video about Green Tea and how at least one study shows that green tea might help with weight loss:


As mentioned in the video – one study does not make it true!  But, on the other hand, is there any evidence that says it is not true? 

You can read more about this topic here:

Since we are on the topic, I guess I’ll add my two cents – Aren’t all these commercials about ‘asking your doctor about X drug disgusting’?  Shouldn’t my doctor be telling me if something is right for me? 

I do not usually watch TV but the last time I actually sat down and did, I was astounded.  It seemed like every other commercial was about a new drug!

There seems to be something almost obscenely perverse about this. 

Therefore, I would like to remind readers of this blog that there are alternative, natural remedies out there that could use a little investigation.

I understand that it doesn’t benefit the pharmaceutical companies at all to have knowledge of the old things that worked 100 years ago around, but it really is time that we start to focus on cheap, simple, powerful plant chemicals with LESS side effects that are perfectly capable of helping people become healthy again.  Did you know that many of today’s pharmaceutical drugs are simply synthetic, slightly altered, copies of naturally occuring plant chemicals. 

Ok, I’m done ranting now – thanks for listening and spread the word! 

A nice place to look for ‘closer to nature’ remedies is 

Today, I was in the park.  It was the first time I have gone to the park in a while.  I’ve been busy working in front of a computer,  couped up inside for days, maybe weeks. 

Once you spend time in nature, it may start dawn on you that nature holds a lot that we should not forget.  It is the environment we ‘grew up’ in as a species. 

I think that if we listen closely, nature has a lot to teach us still. I think we should listen.





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