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Professional Dental Cleanings – How Often?

I visited a periodontist which is a dentist who specializes in gum health / disease.

He revealed something very interesting. He talked about what he termed a ‘scandinavian study’ that demonstrated that if people received prophylactic cleanings every two months (instead of the standard six) that most if not all of their gum and gum releated problems disappeared.

This is important for those who have been looking for a solution to their gum problems. Of course, this does not absolve you from flossing and brushing. Hopefully, you are also using the hydrofloss daily.

But, it is hopeful and it is good news.

The unfortunate part is that insurance will not pay for professional cleanings on an every two month basis, they will only cover 6 month cleanings.

But, it might be worth it to pay the cost out-of-pocket to get rid of gum problems.

The periodontist also told me that plaque begins to reform within 30 minutes of removal. The first bacteria to form are typically gram- positive and they don’t cause gum disease. However, if the plaque stays around for about 48 hours the gram-negative bacteria will show up and they are the ones responsible for gum disease.

Not only is it important to get rid of plaque daily, you should also do a thorough job of plaque removal. The reason is that if you miss a spot, for more than 48 hours, the gum disease causing bacteria will start to flourish.

This is why plaque should be removed daily.

I use the hydrofloss to help me with this task – in addition to regular brushing and flossing, not in place of it.

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If you have or think you have gum disease or any other health problem, see your dentist or doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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