TheraBreath PLUS Oral Rinse (Extra Strength) – MTWS-TBPL-16

By david / September 19, 2010

Therabreath Plus Oral Rinse – use coupon code a-per10 for free shipping and free toothpaste. Click here to visit site.



Product code: MTWS-TBPL-16


OXYD-8 (concentrated), zinc-gluconate, tea tree oil, natural essential spearmint oil.

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This is a more powerful version of the regular oral rinse. And even if you do not need the this version, the concentrated form can last longer.

This is an oxygenated, pH balanced mouth rinse that uses the power of OXYD-8 to foil anaerobic bacteria that can cause dental health issues.

And, as the creation of a dentist focused on solving bad breath problems, you are getting one of the most powerful formulas he has.

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Read More about Therabreath Plus Oral Rinse here.

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