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Dental Health Insurance in America

By david / September 9, 2010

The State of Dental Health Insurance

The date on this post is september 9th 2010 and it is an adjunct to yesterdays post on the health insurance system in America. Dental health insurance is a mess too!

Have you noticed that with dental insurance premiums you are also asked to pay up to 50% (possibly more) of the costs of your dental health bill as well.

Sometimes you wonder, what is the point of this insurance if it only pays a small percentage of my bill?. You may also begin to wonder: “Why does our dental health care cost more than in other western countries”? There has to be something wrong in the equation somewhere.

Dental Health is Important, But Why are the Costs so High?

Our dental health is important, and we must take care of it. At the same time, dentists are now earning more than the doctors in many specialties in medicine.

Why do they have to make so much? Wouldn’t our dental health costs be lower if they were making less? Ultimately, the money that the dental industry makes is coming out of the consumers’ pockets. That is YOU can Me! The high cost of co pays and the large percentages that we pay for our dental health costs and the premiums for the dental health insurance itself all add up. Doesn’t it seem that someone has their hand on our wallets every which way you turn?

Why Pay a Premium For Dental Health Insurance and Then Pay for Most of the Costs for Treatment Too?

Contrast this situation with that of other Western countries. For example in Germany, their dental health insurance is including in their regular health insurance for the public health system! They do not have to pay extra for regular dental care. They do pay a percentage of advanced care, but they pay less if they have been getting their regular care on a consistent basis.

However, this leaves us with the question, why do the costs have to be so high? At the end of the day, the dentists continue to get rich, while the consumer is saddled with big bills. Is this system fair? Is it right to be this way?

I do not mind people getting rich, but to do so off a need like dental health seems a bit unfair. Perhaps the government needs to step in and start regulating the costs downward. In such a scenario perhaps we can get more dentists working that actually care about our health and get those out who are in there to get rich.

As I have stated previously, and virtually all dentists are fully aware of this: Studies have shown that if you go to three different dentists, you are likely to get three different diagnoses about what needs to be done to your mouth! And the range in what it will cost you to follow each treatment plan of the three varies greatly! It almost always pays to get several opinions!

This is the problem. There needs to be more of a standard and dentists need to be subject to ‘secret shoppers’ paid by the government to reign in those dentists who are charging rediculous amounts of money for treatments that may not be necessary!

For example, I went to one dentist to repair a ‘leaky’ filling. He wanted to do a crown which can be a bit expensive to the patient. I went to another dentist who said there was definitely no need for a crown and he was able to replace the filling for much less as a result!

Do you now see why are dental health care costs are so high? Share your dental health stories below. The good, the bad and the ugly should all be shared and discussed. No need to hold back!

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