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By david / September 3, 2010

Like many people, you may have begun to wonder how you can save your teeth. Do not worry, you are not the first, nor the last person to have this thought.

Do You Have Loose Teeth?

First, do you have one or more teeth that are loose? If you have no loose teeth, you have an excellent change of saving your teeth by improving your periodontal health. If you do not have loose teeth and a dentist has told you that they should be pulled, it is advisable to go to a second and even third dentist for another additional diagnoses.

The reason why you may want to do this is because there are a lot of ‘grey’ areas in dentistry. It has been studied and documented that diagnoses vary widely between dentists. My suggest would be to not even tell the second or third dentist about the others. This way, he can make is own independent analysis without the influence of a previous diagnosis.

Are You Serious?

Yes, I am. I have encountered situations myself where I different dentists have recommended different kinds of work. One said I would need a crown, another said, ‘no crown needed’. Do you understand the expense I would have incurred had I NOT gone to another dentist?

I have also spoken to a woman who told me that one dentist said she needed something like 6 cavities filled. She went to another dentist who said that she did not have any! Now, that is a big difference, isn’t it?

You see, there are these ‘grey’ areas where the doctor has a lot of leeway to make a choice. The problem is, this may cost you a good bit of money. Teeth can also heal, few dentists will tell you this and some may not even acknowledge that it is true. Therefore, when there is the beginning of a cavity, some are ready to ‘drill it and fill it’.

Some may even say that a dark spot is a cavity, while another dentist will look at that spot and say it is nothing! Kudos to the dentists who do not go overboard in this area.

So What About Pulling Teeth?

The same thing as described above applies here. You may find that one dentist wants to pull the tooth and insert an implant. Yet, you may find another periodontist who thinks he can save the tooth through surgery and Emdogain – a substance that can cause the creation of new bone that can, in turn, support your teeth.

So before you submit to the first treatment option that is presented to you, get a second opinion.

This Problem Does Not Extend to Just Money

Understand that your sole consideration in all of this should not just be cost. You should also consider the long term consequences of getting something artificial inserted into your mouth. Cavities may break down and need to be replaced in a few short years all the way up to 40 years from now or beyond. This requires another round of ‘drilling and filling’. When this happens the hole in your tooth gets bigger. That hole can only get so big before the root is threatened.

If the root dies. Bam, you’ll need a root canal and then a crown!

There is not substitute for your own, natural and healthy teeth. Take care of them! And do not give up so easily because someone said you need to get them pulled. Sometimes there are legit reasons for pulling a tooth.

Number One Cause of Tooth Loss

The number one cause of tooth loss is not cavities. The number one cause is gum disease by a long margin. Barring trauma, like an accident, one should not lose their natural teeth.

You do need to be on your guard against gum disease. Learn what it is, and how to spot it and then how to get rid of gum disease. This skill alone will help you to avoid costly dental treatments. Again, not just in terms of the initial cost, but also in terms of recovery and long term maintenance of whatever work was done!

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