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By david / August 18, 2010

Headaches Are a Pain!

I would venture to safely guess that no one, including you, enjoys a headache. I do not think I’ve had more than a handful in my whole life. Which is very fortunate. However, many people suffer from them all the time.

Before we get into the symptoms of a sinus headache specifically, let’s discuss what the more common causes for headaches are. That way, we have a differentiation to relate from.

Tension and Migraine Headaches

Tension headaches are usually regarded as the most common type of headache. These can be caused by: overly contracted muscles in the jaw, neck, shoulders and upper back muscles – they can even come from muscle tension in the scalp!

Holding your head in one position for a long period of time such as while working on a computer or at school as well as using precision instruments like a microscope for long periods of time can also contribute to the headache experience.

Sleep, you body should be relaxed while sleeping. Leaving part of your body in an awkward or strained position overnight could also cause headaches. Grinding and clenching teeth (as related to the jaw muscles) are something to avoid as well.

Too much work can cause a tension headache!

Another form of headaches can be a migraine and I do not think I need to explain what that is. The pain can be excruciating with a migraine and you can also see lights and hear sounds during a migraine.

Sinus Headaches and Symptoms

Besides tension and migraine headaches there are sinus headaches. This type of headache is going to be caused by the inflammation of the tissues that line your sinus passages. These passages make up a good portion of your skull. Pressure around your eyes, cheeks or forehead may be an indicator of a sinus headache. However, they could also occur with the other types of headaches mentioned above.

Other potential indicators of a sinus headache include a worsening of pain when bending forward or shifting position. You may also experience green, yellow or slightly bloody nasal discharge. You can also have a cough, a fever, or a feeling of fatigue.

Potential for confusion

One problem with the above symptoms is that they also can occur with migraine headaches as well, though the nasal discharge would probably be clear instead.

Therefore it can be difficult to distinguish a sinus headache from a migraine. One statistic that I read, although it is difficult to believe is that 90% of the time people believe they are experiencing a sinus headache when in actuality they have a migraine!

Some distinguishing factors are that a sinus headache usually is not made worse by bright lights or accompanied by nausea – and many migraines are!


It is always advisable to consult with a health care professional for advice, diagnosis or treatment of any health condition. The doctor may help you with treating the symptoms of your sinus or other type of headache.

If you are subject to frequent sinus infections, you may want to discuss preventive tactics.

One of the things the doctor may recommend for prevention is regular use of a sinus irrigation device. Or perhaps some sort of nasal / sinus drops.

One Ear, Nose and Throat doctor has created a device called the Hydro Pulse. Regular use of such a device might help to prevent the inflammation that can lead to sinus headaches.

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