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Allergy Remedy – May Work For You…

By david / August 17, 2010

Allergy symptoms can really make a person miserable, so therefore it is no surprise that you would want to get rid of them. Typically, an allergen will enter the blood stream causing the body to react.

In cases where the allergen is pollen or dust or (gasp) dust mite droppings or some other airborne pollutant, sinus irrigation may be the solution. By cleansing the nasal and sinus cavities on a regular basis you may keep them free of buildup from the particular allergen that is bothering you.

Of course, if the allergen is coming from some other source and is not airborne, sinus irrigation may not be helpful to you at all. Under such a scenario, you may want to contact an allergist or an Earn, Nose and Throat specialist to assist you further.

The doctor may choose to test you for allergies via a skin test and then formulate a series of shots to help your body build a defense against the particular allergen that is bothering you. My mother had this type of treatment and she seems relatively happy with it.

One supplement that might be helpful is called MSM or Methyl Sulfonyl Methane. This is a natural form of sulfur (not to be confused with the kind of sulfer that forms drug allergies!) that helps the body rid itself of allergens from the blood stream.

MSM is an interesting, naturally occurring substance that has many other uses as well. In fact, you could spend many hours in a patent library finding out all of the usage patents that have been applied for in regards to this supplement.

As with many other useful, natural remedies, you can usually find this one at a local health food store. It is fairly popular and yet somehow hidden from mainstream awareness.

One drawback to MSM is that some people claims that it causes gas and bloating. I personally have never experienced that from utilizing MSM, but every human being is different than the next. Therefore any medicine or remedy could have a different affect on your body than it does on someone else.

Anyway, if your particular problem is due to an airborne allergen and requires an allergy remedy that is simple to utilize to keep your sinus and nasal passages clean, then you may want to check out the Hydro Pulse irrigator which can be found at http://www.SinusIrrigation.org It was invened by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist!

Please be advised that this article is for information only and does not intend to provide advice, diagnosis or treatment for any health condition whatsoever. If you have or think you might have a health condition of any sort, you should contact your physician for advice, diagnosis and treatment. The USFDA has not evaluated statements about any products on this page or site!

Whew!!! that is a long disclaimer! Anyway, you get the idea. Sometimes it pays for us to find a natural way, but we have to be aware that we can benefit greatly from the help of a physician.

I prefer exhausting natural methods for myself first. However, if that does not work (most of the time it does for me) then it is time for further action. But of course, one should official advise others to see the doctor first! Better to be safe than sorry.

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