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What Kind of Razor Do You Use

By Dave / May 13, 2007

Question: Dear Dave,many thanks for your comprehensive reply to my email on the subject of mixing a few drops of lemon juice in olive oil. May I again grasp an opportunity to ask you what kind of razor you use for shaving?

Kindly write in details your experience with different kind of razors. – Dr. Ayaz.

Answer: I currently use a Gillette disposable razor with a twin blade. I tried the single blade variety but they do not work very well at all.

The dual blade works pretty well for me when I use olive oil. I have to pay careful attention to when the razor starts to get a bit dull and then change to a new blade.

The Mach 3 is still fine for me, but it is too expensive. I no longer use it. However, I would still use it if money was not an object.

There are many kinds of razors out there and I’m not sure that I have found the best, but the Gillette twin blade disposables work well enough for me.

– Dave

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