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Finding Answers Means Experimentation

By Dave / May 12, 2007

researchI’d like you to take a look at the following posts.

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After you follow this trail, you’ll see one of the comments I made on the last post. It is a ‘reminder to self’ that every human body is different.

That is exactly why medicine is an art and not a science.

Many practitioners of the medical arts like to consider themselves scientists. Science does come into play in the research side of medicine, however when it comes to treating patients, it is an art.

The reason why is that in chemistry, you can take known quantities of known substances and put them together and have a predictable reaction.

This doesn’t work with the human body because when you put a known quantity into the human body (which is an unknown quantity and quality) you can not get a 100% of the time predictable answer. This makes application of medicine to the human body an art.

Allergies, side effects and effectiveness vary from person to person. Sometimes a doctor will have you ‘try’ different kinds of medicine to see which will work best for you.

Anyway, you can see that this gentleman had to experiment a little with the olive oil to get a solution that worked for him. This was a solution that I hadn’t even thought about.

This applies to gum disease and other problems as well. I have listed the tools that I use but how I use them and in what combination may not be ideal for someone else. If I had to tackle gum disease from scratch, I would have to experiment with various tools, techniques and answers until I found a combination that worked for me.


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