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Lemon Juice and Olive Oil for Shaving

By Dave / May 11, 2007

Dr.Ayaz wrote:

Dear Dave,

I am much grateful to you for providing me the solution to my problem regarding how to use olive oil for shaving!

Well sir, first of all I have adjusted the quantity of olive oil and apply it on wet face and secondly I have mixed a few drops of lemon juice into the olive oil, this helps a lot for an oily skin.

Thirdly, I use double edge safety razor instead of Mac3 razor!Now I really enjoy a smooth and velvety shave!

Thanks sir for all your endless efforts to help me in overcoming my shaving dilemma!

Dave’s Reply:

Dear Dr. Ayaz,

Thank you so much for your thanks! I’ve learned a few lessons here myself. I would never have thought of using the lemon juice. I’m so glad to hear about that and thank you for sharing that information with us.

Second, I forgot to tell you that I don’t use the Mach 3s anymore either. Mainly because they are so expensive.

Third, this exchange helped reinforce something I already knew: Each human body is different and reacts differently to various things. Individual experimentation is important to understand what works best for each person. Thank you for reminding me of that.

I hope things continue to go well for you. Share what you have discovered with others to make the circle complete.


– Best wishes for a grand future


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