BreathRX and Fighting Bad Breath…

By david / July 22, 2010

BreathRX was founded by Dr. Bill Dorfman to conquer a very widespread problem called oral malodor. This is commonly referred to as bad breath or halitosis. The BreathRX system involves three products: toothpaste, a tongue scraper and a mouthwash.

The Problem

Many people are unable to detect their own bad breath. A human being can get used to the smell of his own oral cavity and not even notice it. The problem is that others can notice it and have a strong reaction.

Most of us have had the experience of trying to avoid or escape a conersaton with a person who has a strong breath problem. It can be an unpleasant experience to be face-to-face with someone suffering such a problem. Therefore, we all hope that we are not the person with bad breath.

As it is difficult to tell if we, as individuals, are suffering (and causing others to suffer) we definitely would like a way to know if we are suffering. The best way is to ask someone close to you who will be honest. If that is not an option, here is an online breath test that could help you to determine if you have this issue.

The Cause

In most cases, the release of Volatile Sulfur Compounds from build up of bacteria on the tongue and back of the the throat is responsible for this problem. This is why many dentists will recommend tongue scraping in addition to using a special oral rinse or toothpaste. BreathRX is one kind. Another is Therabreath. You can download your free report on bad breath here – This report will help you fully understand the cause as well as what you can do to eliminate the problem.

What if Someone Else Has the Problem?

The good news is that in most cases bad breath can be eliminated so there is no reason for you or the people that you interact with to suffer from this problem. However, you may have a colleague of friend that you have to interact with who may have this problem. You may not feel that you are close enough to this person to tell them they have the problem.

In this case there is an anonymous way to tell someone they have bad breath. You can utilize this method: click here. If you are in a situation where you are not close to the person and there is no other way to let them know, this may be helpful to both you and the person. In the end, it may be the only humane and embarrassment free way to let someone know.

Finally, you can use Breathrx or you can click here for additional information on conquering this problem.

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