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Ellie Phillips – A Dentist To Admire…

By david / July 17, 2010

I like the work that Ellie Phillips has done. Her book is Kiss Your Dentist Goodbye. This is an excellent resource for those who are interested in what they can do at home to improve their dental health.

Of course, despite the title of the book, you should be under the care of your own dentist.

Ellie is one of the few dentists I know of that has really focused on prevention and has worked to figure out what is best for the patient. She doesn’t necessarily agree with everything that is happening out there in the world.

I appreciate the fact that she has tried to stand up for what is right. For example, she has been a champion of xylitol. Note: She has her own brand of xylitol called: Zellies.

Xylitol is a 5 carbon sugar and its benefits have been well documented in some countries for its ability to improve dental health and as a force for prevention – most notably in Finland.

Ellie is quite correct when she says that xylitol is well documented. Yet it has been inexplicably ignored by the ADA and mainstream dentistry in the United States.

Ellie has worked hard to help people improve their dental health and has worked from the basis of prevention. For that she is deserving of a great deal of credit. I believe she is a force for good and I hope she continues to teach what she knows about dental health!

Read her book and reap the benefits!


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