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By david / July 16, 2010

I am very interested in what is going on at the Calcium Therapy Institute. I’ve personally spoken to Dr. Manhart who graduated dental school before I was born.

We had a great conversation and I really enjoyed hearing his views on periodontal disease. I’m particularly interested in their Oral Cal Rinse.

I know that it is almost impossible to get the heavy research done that is needed on their calcium therapy – but I sure wish it were being done.

I think they may really be onto something there. I would like to hear from anyone who has achieved results from working with these two doctors so that I can post those stories here.

I want to stress that there are many valid therapies and valid findings that are out there that the mainstream never hears about. If they are right about calcium therapy it would be a great thing to be in everyone’s oral routine.

I’m using the oral cal rinse now and I do believe that it is useful. I do also have to admit that my experience is subjective. Again, having some studies done would be very useful – however, said studies are also very expensive and may never come into existence. That is no fault of the doctors who are helping people.

My feelings are that I never discount anything, just because it hasn’t been studied. Some people criticize other’s work for not being ‘proven’ or ‘studied’ but the truth of the matter is this: It hasn’t been disproved either. And if the doubter hasn’t conducted studies to disprove someone’s theories or work – what right do they have to be a doubter?

So you see, just because something hasn’t been studied does not make it false. Keep that in mind always. We cannot rely on ‘mainstream’ views. If you do, you may never be able to reach beyond the limitations of the mainstream – and if you can’t do that, you will always be limited by those restrictions in understanding and knowledge.

I like what Li, Hongzhi has to say about such matters in his book, Zhuan Falun. You should read it, it is an eye opener.

As for Doctors Manhart and Steg, they say they are getting great results and I have not reason to doubt them. If the dental community would take a look at Calcium Therapy – they might make a mainstream breakthrough that would be beneficial to patients everywhere.

Thank you Drs Manhart and Steg for moving forward and helping so many people!

-David Snape

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