Ozone for Teeth Whitening?

By david / July 16, 2010

I recently found the abstract from a patent regarding
the the use of ozone as PART of a tooth whitening


You will have to draw your own conclusions from reading
the abstract. I am not making any statements regarding

But I will say two things.

1. I have an ozone generator.

2. More studies should be done on the use of ozone for
many reasons / purposes and uses!

I will point you to the ozone machine that I personally
use for a variety of purposes (teeth whitening is not
one of them).

And this page offers a significant discount off the
‘official price’ of the one I use via use of the coupon
code given.

The site to visit is : http://www.OzoneForWater.com

If you have any questions, ask!



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