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Toothy Grins Store, Dental Health and an Opportunity For You…

By david / July 14, 2010

Another company that I work with frequently, told me today, that they received a phone call from a gentleman who told them that my book ‘saved his life’!

While that may be a bit dramatic, he is not the first person to be enthusiastic about his new found power over his own dental health.

If you have enjoyed my book or the products that I sell, I’d like to encourage you to help me – and yourself.

Toothy Grins Store now has an affiliate program. The store is paying 12% commission on sales from your referrals.

This way, you can help me to promote the information and knowledge that you have (hopefully) enjoyed and benefited from too!

It’s a win-win for all of us.

If you want to sign up for the program, here is the link:


You can also find this link by going to ToothyGrinsStore.com and clicking on ‘become an affiliate’ at the bottom of the site.

This program is managed by an independent third party company who will keep track of your sales and insure that you are paid for your referrals.

This means that the tracking and payments are not directly dependent on me. Basically, this just adds a level of fairness and objectivity for everyone.

If it is right for you, you can now join me in promoting my work and the products that have helped so many.


David Snape


PS: my book can be found here: http://www.perio-therapy.com or on Amazon at: http://www.gingivitiskiller.com/amazon

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