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Teeth Whitening Problems And Concerns

By david / July 10, 2010

Whiter TeethWhen it comes down to teeth whitening, you have to be concerned about a few things. The first question involves safety. You can verify with some dental professionals, there have been cases where teeth whitening has led to root canals and dead teeth. Though it may not happen all of the time, it is indeed a danger.

The chemicals themselves may be damaging to tooth enamel, weakening the structure of the enamel and helping to lead to ‘sensitive teeth’. Your teeth, if they are as hard as they should be, should not be sensitive. Anyway, many people are into teeth whitening so just warning people that there are potential dangers is not going to dissuade them from doing it. Many people, particularly in America are concerned with the appearance (and brightness) of their teeth.

To Americans, yellow, dirty and broken teeth, missing teeth and other cosmetic problems are less than desirable. In the quest for whiter teeth, many people try all kinds of remedies and solutions, both professional and alternative. Bleaching chemical in-office treatments can be expensive and it is difficult to ascertain their safety. Again, it has happened that such treatments have killed teeth.

Younger teeth are more vulnerable than the teeth of older persons. This is because the pulp is larger in younger teeth and is the part that can be vulnerable to the chemicals used to whiten teeth. The older a person gets, the more the pulp occupies less space and the more ‘solid’ the tooth becomes.

Therefore, if you can delay the time in your life when you turn to teeth whitening it might be a very good idea. Now, if you absolutely have to have your teeth whiter, some methods may be a bit safer than others. This is pure speculation and would need to be studied for verification so please keep that in mind.

But there is a kind of teeth whitening that does not involve as much chemical exposure as some of the ‘extreme’ treatments that invade both professional and non-professional methods.

Although this way is associate with a few celebrities, do not be dissuaded from that. I am referring to kardashian teeth whitening. Which is really the brand called: Idol White.

You see, with this method you have more control as you simply ‘paint’ your teeth with the whitening treatment. You have much more control over the amount of chemical that goes on your teeth than you would with a typical tray bleaching method. So, this may warrant investigation on your part If you are insist upon having your teeth made whiter.

Proceed with caution and get dental professional advice, diagnosis and treatment suggestions from your dental care practitioner.

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