Natural Remedies For Gum Disease…

By david / July 2, 2010

A healthier alternative?

defeat gum diseaseThis information is provided in general terms. For specifics related to your own personal situation, be sure to work with your doctor or dentist. Many people are told that they need expensive dental treatment or even surgery and they just go along with it without stopping to consider if there is a simpler, easier and less expensive alternative.

Here are some natural (more or less) things you can do to help improve your gum health:

1. The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator – This machine has been professionaly studied and journaled in The Journal of Clinical Periodontology not just once, but TWICE! One study was done in 1993 and the second was done in 1998. And the results were considered statistically significant both times. These studies indicated a larger reduction in plaque and tartar build up compared to oral irrigators that are not fortunate enough to use the patented magnetic technology.

I’ve personally spoken to dozens of real, everyday life people who love this machine and what it does for the health of their gums.

Some have told me that they actually went back to their previous irrigator only to discover that they started to have gum disease issues again – most notably their gums started to bleed again!

If this isn’t a strong enough testament to the power of the Hydro Floss then I don’t know what is – you have simply missed the point!

Actually, with such good results I wonder why more dentists and periodontist are not recommending this device to their patients. Many actually are, but shouldn’t they all be?

2. Perio Therapy mouth wash – Oxygenated, pH balanced mouth wash. There aren’t many like this. It also has zinc which is considered to be very good for your gum tissue. A balanced pH helps to reduce the bacterial population and helps teeth to remineralize. Oxygen helps to reduce the bacteria as well – because the bad bacteria hate oxygen!

3. Essential oils. Consider that this can be helpful along with the daily manual disruption of plaque via tooth brushing, dental flossing and hydro flossing (see above).

4. Drink plenty of water – water is believed to aid in the health of almost any body tissue – it would be hard to find someone to argue against that!

Start arming yourself with powerful knowledge to defeat gum disease:

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-Stay healthy and well!

This information is provided in a general sense. For specific information regarding your own situation, visit your doctor or dentist for further information.

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