Olive Oil for Shaving

olive oil Question: Dear Dave,

Thanks a lot for your exhaustive details regarding the pros and cons of using olive for shaving.

Firstly, I don’t shave under the shower and secondly I apply the oil on a dry face.

I thought that probably olive oil acts as a detergent and lubricant as well.

That is why my face becomes oily and acne growth in certain points on my face because the bacteria suppressed under the facial skin become active.

Last but not least question:

I would like to ask you, should I apply olive on my face after washing it with soap and water then spread shaving foam on it because of intensive lubrication by the olive oil.

I can control razor of course I use a Mach3 properly and the razor slips away usually.I am extremely sorry for bombarding with a lot of questions. Bye.

Answer: Hello, Thank you for all of your questions. Since this site is for asking questions you may ask as many as you would like to.

First, if you think the olive oil is causing you to develop acne, you should stop using it right away and see a dermatologist.

It sounds like you are having a lot of trouble using the olive oil for some reason, it might be a good idea to stop using it if you are encountering so many problems.

Olive oil has only made my shaving experience better. However, all human beings are different and we have to keep that in mind.

Second, I feel that my face should definitely be cleaned and slightly wet before applying the olive oil. I also wash the excesss oil off my skin after I am done shaving.

I have never had the olive oil be too sticky. I think that could be a temperature problem and I mentioned how it might be a good idea to store the oil at a lower temperature until ready to use it.

Third, I never use shaving cream with the oil. I only use the oil. I have never had my skin become too slippery from the olive oil.

If my face felt too slippery, I would wonder if I was putting too much olive oil on. Maybe try applying less olive oil. I like to apply enough that the razor glides over my skin but not so much that it slips off.

I would try different amounts until I found just the right amount to do the best job.

It sounds like you could be applying way too much olive oil.

Also, I usually shave in the shower, so I don’t know how well it would work the way you are doing it.

If I was in a situation similar to yours, I would experiment until I found something that works for me. Everyone is different and I don’t think one thing works the same way for all people.

Experimentation is what helps me figure things out.

Remember : if you have a skin condition or think you might have one, contact a dermatologist for diagnosis and treatment.

Thank you for your questions. Please don’t hesitate to ask further if you would like to.


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