Cho-Yung Tea – What Is It?

green-teaCho-Yung Tea has been creating quite a stir recently.

Some are searching for terms like: cho yung tea results.

What is this Cho Yung tea stuff about? Well, it is being promoted as a weight loss program.

From my research I have found that Cho Yung is simply a form of green tea thought to have slimming properties.

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At the time of this writing, the people who are running the Cho-Yung Tea company seem to be providing help via chat, telephone and other means to their customers.

This Chinese weight loss tea is abailable to folks who live in the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand.

If you live in the United States you cannot get this particular product. You could try a moderate exercise program under your doctor’s advice plus drinking regular green tea. But the exercise change alone may be your ticket. Again, be under the care of a physician before changing your current level of exercise (or lack thereof).

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However, The Cho-Yung tea offer is available to people in manyother countries (outside the US). Click here to see it.

Save on shipping: There is a promotion offer, type in ‘offer’ or ‘trial’ and you should obtain a reduced price on your shipping.

Does Cho-Yung Work?

The company that offers this product claims that the Chinese Ministry of Health supports the claims around weight loss.

I was not able to find documented scientific proof from any professional journals – however: Many medical and scientific industries are just not going to study natural things like tea and echinacea and herbal remedies. This is because there is no profit in an item they cannot patent and control.

Of course, this does not mean natural things do not work. After all, for many thousands of years indigenous people have always found natural remedies and cures right in their environment. They made it through all those years without the benefits of modern prescription medicine!

Tea contains polyphenols. Some say they can help prevent cancer and heart disease, others are not sure.

Interesting isn’t it? There seems to be enough smart alternative healers promoting natural remedies – that tells me their is something there – something worth investigating

The Good News

The official site states that they have a money-back guarantee under their FAQ section. They state they want everyone to “begin experiencing weight loss before paying for the product”. This should relieve you of any worries. You can try it ‘risk free’ and see if it works for you!

>> Click Here To visit the Cho-Yung official site<<

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