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When Olive Oil Becomse Sticky, What Should I Do?

By Dave / May 6, 2007

skin healthQuestion:

My Dear Mr.Dave,

I have tried your method of shaving with olive oil ,but found it still wanting.

I live in Pakistan,during summer the temp usually becomes above 40 C.

The oil I apply on my face becomes sticky and copious!Should I continue? By profession I am a doctor.


Hello sir. I did not know that olive oil would become sticky at a higher temperature.

Have you tried storing the olive oil at a lower temperature until use?

When I use the olive oil, I am already in the shower, it is easy to make my face wet before applying the oil and then it is just as easy to wash the oil off after shaving.

Are you using the olive oil in the shower? Are you applying water to an already clean face before applying the olive oil? If there is a lot of dirt and/ or sweat on your face, this could also cause an issue. Therefore, clean thoroughly before using the olive oil and wet your face well before application.

That, plus storing the olive oil at a lower temperature until use might help you.

I also wonder how old the oil you are using is? If the oil has become rancid (rotten) then you should probably not use it.

I think the problem is that you may not be using enough water.

However, if you continue to have problems, then you should stop using the olive oil.

Please let me know if that was helpful.

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olive oil - so wonderful for so many things
Olive oil is very useful


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