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bad-breathIf you are suffering from bad breath and tried just about everything, then you understand how difficult fighting this problem can be.

Though sometimes there are other causes, most of the time bad breath is caused by anaerobic bacteria in your mouth. They produce VSCs or Volatile Sulfur Compounds.

These anaerobic bacteria are responsible for causing both bad breath and Gum Disease.

Anaerobic means that these bacteria don’t like to be around an environment that contains a lot of oxygen. Therefore, we like to give them a lot of oxygen because it makes them very unhappy.

They don’t want to congregate where the Oxygen hangs out. Their cellular processes may be interrupted and they may die.

Some of the problems with a lot of oral care products out there is the ingredients that are used. Some contain alcohol. Alcohol dries the mucous membranes of the mouth.

Saliva is a natural defense against these bacteria, so if the mucous membranes dry out, then you will have less natural saliva production to help.

Likewise, you will find the same problem with many toothpastes. They contain sodium lauryl sulfate or one of its cousins. These can also dry the mucous membranes.

These products may have a short term effect but you can see how they could actually contribute to a problem becoming worse.

Be sure to download your free copy of the Bad Breath Bible to help you get a deeper understanding of these concepts and many more.

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