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Urgent: Learn The Secret to Preventing Cracked and Broken Teeth…

By david / February 8, 2010


You are definitely not alone if you have ever experienced a cracked or broken tooth. This is a problem that has plagued many people.

Teeth do have a breaking point. However, there may be some contributing factors that you really do have control over. As in many health related things, sometimes prevention is the best medicine.

Once a tooth cracks or breaks, you may need professional dental care to rebuild the area or the tooth. As in many types of ‘restorations’, the end result may not be as good as the natural tooth. Therefore, it is to your benefit to learn more about naturally strengthening your teeth so that they will continue to serve you for a lifetime and that you might possibly escape expensive and time consuming treatments. Nothing is as good as the original!

How does one try to prevent something like this from happening? Well, a little basic understanding is in order. The teeth, especially the outside are rich in calcium and phosphate. These help to form a type of ‘crystal’ which you might otherwise call a tooth. The strength of the tooth is dependant upon the concentration of the calcium and phosphate in it.

The first thing you may wonder is what could affect that? Well, most things will dissolve in a strong enough acid. This is the first point to consider. What happens during tooth decay? The tooth surface is breached by acid secreted by bacteria. But, did you know that you can also damage that enamel and make it weaker by drinking and / or eating acidic foods?


For example, many people who focus on natural healing methods believe that certain fruits have an alkalyzing affect when they hit the stomach. While this may or may not be true, depending on what you believe, in the mouth, a lemon is an acidic force – regardless of what the body does with it after it hits your digestive organs.

An acid can help to pull calcium and phosphate out of the tooth, thereby weakening it. Therefore, you want to be sure to balance the pH of your mouth after eating or drinking an acidic food or beverage.


There are ways to accomplish this. The power that comes with this knowledge could help you improve your dental health and help you to prevent expensive dental treatments. This is doubly powerful when you consider than an acidic mouth causes the bacteria that cause dental disease to multiply more rapidly. This applies to caries as well as periodontal or ‘gum’ disease.

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