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Gum Disease Fighting Routine Change

brushteethSince I wrote about my personal gum disease fighting regimen on the Gingivitis Killer website, things have changed a little bit. But not too much.

Mainly, I’ve added something to the routine. Practical experience has given me a few lessons too.

The Hydrofloss was the very first tool that started producing results for me. I mean really noticeable results.

In fact, the reason I got it was because I was told that I needed a root scaling and planing. The results of using a hydrofloss were really good, because the next time that I went to my dentist I was told that I didn’t need that root scaling and planing any longer. They told me to keep up what I was doing.

I was so relieved. I saved money and I’m not so sure that I liked the sound of the proposed treatment. I’d also read that often times the treatment has to be repeated.

Stopping the progression of gum disease takes some effort and work. Before I used the hydrofloss I tried an essential oil blend. However, it alone was not enough to stop my problem, or maybe I just didn’t use it enough or possibly I did not take fighting my gum disease as seriously then.

I think one of the missing ingredients was actually something that everyone should be doing and that is flossing. I did floss, but I didn’t floss well. I just used a quick up and down motion in between my teeth. No dentist or hygienist that I’ve been in face-to-face contact with taught me how to floss well. I thought my quick up and down motion between my teeth was enough.

The problem is plaque. It forms continuously needs to be removed daily. As far as I can tell most professionals think that flossing once-per-day is enough. However, I think that if I had a full blown case of gum disease, I would do it more often.

What I read, and practical experience has validated this, is that both up and down and side to side movements are the way to go.

Once I started using this ‘new’ way of flossing, I found new ‘sore spots’ that I didn’t know about. To me, finding a sore spot is finding a place where plaque has accumulated and begun to cause damage to the gum tissue and probably the tooth enamel nearby as well.

Flossing helps to remove the accumulated plaque, especialy from between the teeth where a tooth brush just cannot reach.

Currently, I use a manual or electric toothbrush (I have both), the hydrofloss, mouthpaste, regular floss, oxygenated compound, brush Picks and now the essential oil. You can read about all of these on my site about gum disease and gingivitis.

What I like about the essential oil blend is that I can use it when I don’t have easy access to the home made toothpaste I use (called mouthpaste). I use the essential oil blend when I’m at work or away from home because it is easy to carry in the leak proof bottle it comes in. It also seems to refresh the breath and it appears to have a very positive effect on my gum tissue as well. (testimonies)

Fortunately, this combination of tools has done wonders for the health of my gum tissue. I will continue to use them and tell people about them because gum disease is a big problem that many people aren’t even aware of.

Up to 80% of American adults suffer from gum disease according to the Mayo Clinic and NIH websites.

That’s 8 out of 10 people. That also means, the odds are high that YOU suffer from it and you might not even know it.

If you have or think you might have gum disease, gingivitis or any other oral health problem, visit your dentist for diagnosis and treatment.


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