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Nasal and Sinus Irrigation – Is It For You?

By david / January 5, 2010

David-Gum-Disease-Book-AuthorMany people suffer from allergy symptoms or chronic sinus problems. This type of suffering can vary from mildly irritating to something approaching agonizing.

Often times people end up taking lots of medication and find that over time, the medication helps less. Surgery could become the final solution for some people. Even mushrooms have been known to grow inside sinus cavities.

However, except for the case of the mushroom, there is another option to consider. Many people have used nasal or sinus irrigation to overcome their allergy or sinus conditions. Some people are able to reduce the amount of medication they are on. Others can actually eliminate the need for medication completely.

Some people have been able to avoid surgery too! Can you imagine introducing a fairly simple routine into your daily life and finding that it greatly relieves your suffering? There is real cause for celebration there.

Personally, I have been fortunate in that I do not suffer from allergy or sinus problems. However, I did have terrible head cold symptoms once. This was bad enough that I was unable to sleep. I tried nasal irrigation at that point. I performed nasal / sinus irrigation several times in a row. Finally, I was able to get some relief and get back to sleep!

I was so uncomfortable and the irrigation brought so much relief. I was very happy.

There are different ways to irrigate the sinus passages, there are Netti pots, squeeze bottles and my favorite device: The Hydro Pulse

Whichever method you utilize, you might be able to find relief, reduce meds or avoid surgery.

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