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Olive Oil for Shaving? How Does that Work?

Dear Mr.Dave,

olive oilThanks for your shaving tips with olive oil, but you haven’t mentioned how should one use or apply olive oil? Will you please elaborate on it?

Yes sir. Here is what I do.

For Shaving: I do NOT use any shaving cream whatsoever. I shave in the shower. I wet my face with water first. Next, when I’m ready to shave. I ‘lather up’ with olive oil.

I apply the oil to my entire face, even the parts I don’t plan on shaving, because I’ve found that olive oil is good for my skin. It is also helpful to wash off things like sunscreen and / or any type of overnight facial moisturizer, cream, etc.

Then I pick up a razor blade and I start shaving. I find that the shaving progresses much easier than with shaving cream and I do not get any razor burn whatsoever.

A bottle of olive oil is not only healthier for my skin but also lasts a really long time.

After I wrote the article you read about shaving cream, I found an easier way to use it as a body lotion.

While in the shower and after washing the body, I simply take some olive oil and apply it to my skin and then I rinse it off. I could let it soak in longer for greater effect. This keeps my skin from becoming dry and itchy.

There you have it in a nutshell!

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