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Successful at Winning the Fight Against Gum Disease!

Hi David,

I just wanted to let you know I had a cleaning appointment yesterday and my 4’s and 5 pockets all improved to 1, 2, and 3’s.

I did have a couple of 4’s but they were by my wisdom teeth that I’ll be having removed. My pockets improved in spite of the fact that I haven’t had a cleaning appointment since last January (I did not like the previous dental hygenist who is no longer there).

I have to give my dentist credit as he is the one who introduced me to the Hydrofloss. When I researched hydrofloss, that is when I saw information about your book. My “Process” has been the following (incorporating ideas from your book):

1. Hydrofloss (I add a cap full of Closys mouthwash).

2. Do the mouthwash coctail (Dr Ellie Phillips) – the only change I’ve made is I brush with Perio Theraphy toothpaste instead of crest.

3.I floss during this process but sometimes I floss before I hydrofloss, between hydroflossing and brushing, or after the whole process.

I asked about the perio-aid and the dentist hygenist instead recommended a rubber tip gum massager that they gave me. I also have used my custom bleaching trays with perio theraphy toothpaste, in addition to rinsing occasionally with warm salt water (I plan on doing more of these last two processes mentioned. Lastly I plan on having regular, more frequent cleanings.

Anyway, I’m not exactly where I want to be (all 1’s and 2’s), but I believe I’m well on my way. As she was cleaning my teeth, the hygenist said my teeth were “Miraculously clean” – not bad considering it had almost been a year since I had a dental cleaning! One question, my friend’s dentist recommended using hydrogen peroxide with her water pik. Any thoughts on this?

Thanks again!



My Reply:

Hi Stacie,

I would suggest not using hydrogen peroxide. Ellie says that every patient she encountered that had rapid, unexplained gum recession had been using either baking soda or hydrogen peroxide.

Also, I happened to get a snippet from a book on H202 therapy. The people who believe in h202 therapy tend to be fanatical about it as a cure all. However, even this person who wrote the book said that h202 should not be used in the mouth.

I believe that h202 chemically burns gum tissue, if that is true, it would obviously weaken the tissue which is exactly the opposite of what you are trying to do.

May I post your email on my website? If you so choose, I can remove your name.

Thanks for keeping me updated and I’m delighted to hear of your progress. I like your goal. Even I am not all 1s and 2s but if you achieve that, you are golden – as far as your gum health goes!


David Snape
Phone: 913-269-6952
Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease
ISBN: 978-0981485508

[Special Note: Some theorize that it is ok to have 4mm pocket depths at the area of the wisdom teeth because the tissue is naturally thicker there. I would still make the goal to get to 3 anyway! ]

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