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Interesting Story Involving the Hydro Floss…

This is the story of an interesting call that I received. I

I’ve been selling the Hydro Floss at the Toothy Grins Store for a few months and I receive a call from a man in Michigan. He just heard about the Hydro Floss from his dental hygienist a few days prior.

However, the REALLY interesting part is that this gentleman works in public health! He said he has two good friends that he went to college with. One is an oral surgeon and the other is a periodontist.

After he brought up the Hydro Floss to them. They both said they personally use it. I thought that was interesting and telling all by itself.

But what he said next really got me thinking. He said that the oral surgeon also uses the Pocket Pal Jet Tips as a PREVENTIVE measure to protect her gum health!

I thought I would share that interesting tidbit because I think it reveals a new secret to using the hydro floss that many have not thought of.

David Snape Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease

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