Susan’s Progress…

I found this in my inbox this morning. I assume Susan wants me to publish on the site. So, I figured, why not?

I guess this just goes to show you that maybe there is more than one way to win the battle against gum disease!

Hi David,

We were in touch about 3 months ago when I found out I had gingivitis and my gums were receding. (Upper back, both sides.)

After 3 months, I just had a cleaning today.

There was big amazement at the dental office! One side of my gums has significantly tightened (there were #5 pockets). The other side needs more time, but has very good improvement. They couldn’t believe it!
After a whole bunch of rather in-depth research, I made my own tooth powder made of minerals and herbs. (I’m a holistic nutritionist and budding herbalist), I made my own because the “holistic” remedies on the market often had fluoride, silica (damages enamel), puny amounts of nutrients, or were way too costly. My powder also whitens and has NO taste. I found that additives such as quality sea salt or even baking soda were too rough on my healing gums and I couldn’t use them because I found them unpalatable.
Plus, with my dentist’s and hygienist’s encouragement and proper instruction, I was better with flossing and water picking (gently downward). I must admit, though, I wasn’t as diligent the 2nd and 3rd months with this. And, I admitted that to them!

I also was more diligent with my diet and whole food supplements.

My dentist explained that because I am a caregiver, I have unique stress that has affected my gum health. He sees this all the time. Plus, to be honest, during crucial caregiving spans of time I did not have fifteen minutes extra to do dental routines.

Best regards,
Sandy B.

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