Hydro Floss User Insight…

Since I began selling the Hydro Floss oral Irrigator at the Toothy Grins Store, I have had the good fortune to speak to many people.

A very interesting conversation occurred this past week. A gentleman from Minnesota called me and we had quite a conversation.

He was looking to purchase a hydro floss for his own use. I typically ask people if they have used one before and I have grown used to people telling me how much they like the hydro floss and how it has helped them personally.

This time, a slightly different story came forth. He was initially told about the Hydro Floss by his hygienist. This is not unusual at all, many dentists and hygienists recommend the Hydro Floss to their patients.

But he took things one step further. He has two friends, one is a periodontist and one is an oral surgeon and he asked them both about this device. He was surprised to hear that they both personally use the hydro floss.

But the oral surgeon did something a little differently and it was an eye opener for me. It is one of those moments when the ‘light bulb’ came on.

She also uses the Pocket Pal Jet Tips. This surprised me because I had believed the Pocket Pal’s were only needed for people who had 5 to 6 mm pockets. Well, you can bet this person, an expert on oral health, has gums that are in good shape. SHE uses the pocket pal jet tips as a preventive measure.

I hadn’t considered this before. While the regular tips are made to be used at right angles to the teeth and gums. The pocket pals are used to shoot water directly into the pockets.

So, I thought something like, “It makes sense to use them to maintain / improve the health of gum tissue”. Since that conversation, I’ve been using the pocket pal jet tip after my regular use of the Hydro Floss and I think it is a good practice for me personally! Read more about the Hydro Floss and the jet tips at http://www.ToothyGrinsStore.com

David Snape is the author of What You Should Know about Gum Disease.

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