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By Dave / April 30, 2007


I just came from the dentist office today and they gave me some very inturbidating options. They said I have Stage Four periodontal disease and want to pull all of my top teeth as I qualify for a grant that would buy dentures.

Any type of surgery etc. for me is iffy, as I have low blood clotters, which may be saving me from things like high blood pressure, etc. and which may be the result of my taking herbs.

However, I told the person helping me that I know of two people that turned their gum disease around. You are one of them.

My question is, yours is probably NOT as advanced as this, Stage Four, right?

Although they don’t think so, I know ALL things are possible. The “experts” said that the world was flat, that airplanes wouldn’t fly, that cancer, polio and arthritis are incurable.

The experts were wrong.

So knowledge is power and putting works to faith is what I best be about (like using my Hydro Floss machine which I haven’t yet, oohh but will tonight!!!).

I’ve got to keep my spirit up. And so God is assisting me in doing that.
Anyway, just thought to communicate and ask you what I did.

Take Care and keep up the good works. – Lois


Hi Lois,

I’m not anywhere near stage four, but I did have problems.

I also am not completely out of danger. I will need to be on guard and diligent for the rest of my life. I’ve lost enough gum tissue that there isn’t a whole lot of wiggle room left.

I have to prevent any gum disease from creeping back and that means diligently removing and preventing the formation of plaque. And in my mouth, for some reason, that takes a bit of work.

I assume that by using the term ‘stage four’ that your dentist means the most advanced form of gum disease.

My case of gum disease was still in the early stages, but beyond mild gingivitis.

Because my lower front teeth are crowding, I have trouble keeping plaque build up off the back of them. That is my danger area.

Though I may not lose my teeth, I have to be diligent in cleaning my teeth and gums every day .

What is important about gum disease is keeping the plaque from building up and it builds daily. So there is a combination of things I’m doing right now.

As you know, I’m using the hydrofloss and oxygenated compound daily.

I’m using the mouthpaste and brushing very gently without bending the bristles.

I’m flossing along with regular dental floss.

I’m also using something similar to stimudents which you can find at any drug store.

I’m also currently using or have used these tools (and found them to be good for me):

If you look in your mouth, you can sometimes see the areas where plaque and stains have accumulated. I think the stains and plaque go hand in hand – where there is one, you might find the other.

I try to clean every tooth surface with a brush and mouthpaste. I use the dental floss and stimudents for cleaning between the teeth and I also use the hydrofloss to get under the gum line a bit. And I believe that using the hydrofloss helped me a great deal.

I used that first and the dentist was impressed with my results. Now I have added these other things.

If I look at my teeth and see stain or plaque built up, especially near the gum line, I work on it.

But you can’t brush hard. If you brush away the enamel, their will be additional problems like cavities and sensitive teeth.

I brush gently because I believe that if it can’t be gotten to with the brush and mouthpaste then brushing harder won’t help . I also don’t want to damage the gum tissue. Brushing too hard might do that.

If my teeth ever do become sensitive, I remember this:

Lois, I can’t predict what will happen. You situation sounds a little on the tough side. Be sure to continue working with your dentist.

It bothers me that now that they can get a grant they are willing to do this. Maybe they were not willing to do so before? Have things really changed that much since your last visit?

If you have doubts about any aspect of the care your dentist is providing, it might be a good idea to get a second opinion from another dentist.

Lois, I hope things work out well for you.

Good luck,

– Dave


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