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Dental Care Prompts Emergency Room Visits

I thought this article was pretty interesting and telling:


In this article the reporter tells how 1 out of 5 emergency room visits at this particular center were due to dental health reasons.

Health care, including dental care, often becomes a very expensive proposition. It really pays to learn more about prevention.

It is possible with a bit of background information for you to learn how to prevent problems with your teeth such as, cavities, root canals, cracked teeth etc. At the very least, with proper prevention you will be less likely to encounter these problems.

In the same way it is possible to escape the even bigger dental problem: gum disease. Many people have it right now and don’t even know.

I say this is the bigger problem because the number one cause of tooth loss in the world is gum disease, NOT cavities, not other problems – Gum Disease!

Learn what you can do at home to prevent the onslaught of this ‘silent’ disease that sneaks up on you:

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