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Of course, anytime someone uses the word ‘best’ it comes down to a matter of opinion.

I’m going to attempt to support my opinion with information and experience.

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Here Is My Personal Story About Using The Hydro Floss

I had always been a little annoyed that my gums would bleed during dental cleanings. But, I thought it was normal and no one told me otherwise for years!

Then one day the hygienist and dentist decided that I would need what was called a SRP treatment or Scaling And Root Planing.

This was a shocker for me because no one explained that I was in any real danger. Nor had that dental office spent any time educating me about gum disease, which I finally figured out was the problem.

No previous diagnosis of this from my dentist.  I wasn’t given information at all in the past, except that I should think about ‘using mouthwash’ in addition to regular brushing.

The worst part of all, they wanted to do the SRP that day! Right away, I didn’t have time to think it over.

I don’t like being pushed, which is what it felt like.

I decided to say: “No”.  After all, I could always have it done later if it was necessary.

I started doing my research and I began to understand a lot more about  gum disease.  Did you know that about 75% of people have some right now?  As in my experience, most people have no clue that they have this problem.

They won’t know until it is time for expensive dental work to be performed.  Or, when they lose a tooth.

I have talked to enough people over the last few years to know that my story is NOT  at all  unique. Many people have similar or even worse ‘wake-up calls.’

Searching For The ‘Right’ Answers

I continued looking for solutions and tried some things like essential oils, oil pulling, Vitamin C and Co-Enzyme Q-10, but nothing was really having an impact.  In fact, it seemd that some things may have made it worse.

Then one day I read about the Hydro Floss with its magnetic technology. It frankly sounded a bit strange to me at the time.

But, I figured I needed to do something, because that Scaling and Root Planing is nothing that I wanted to experience.

I used the Hydro Floss ‘religiously’ (more than I actually needed to as  I later found out) for five months!

When I went back to the same dentist she looked at my mouth and I could see the look of amazement on her face as well as that of the hygienist.

Finally, the dentist said after several minutes of staring into my mouth, “Whatever you are doing, keep it up. You don’t need that treatment anymore.”


The Journal of Clinical Periodontology published two studies on the Hydro Floss

The first was in May of 1993 and the second was in April of 1998. The second researcher, I have been told, intended to prove the first set of results wrong.

To her surprise, she actually obtained slightly better results than the first study.

What were those results? Simple, they showed that the Hydro Floss was about (not exactly) 50% better at reducing tartar and plaque build up between office visits than irrigators tested without the magnetic technology.

Tartar and plaque are where gum disease really gets its strength.

In scientific research a figure like 45 or 50% is considered “statistically significant”. That basically means it is outside the range where you might suspect the results were ‘accidental’ or perhaps ‘not meaningful’.

These two studies were both published in the professional journal of periodontists mentioned above.

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